My New TyreQueen Car


Happy to announce that I am the new ambassador for TyreQueen!! :D :D :D

This picture is from the photoshoot I did for them... The photos turned out really amazing!!

What is TyreQueen?

TyreQueen.com is an online portal for selling tyres and rims!

They are special because at TyreQueen, you can choose from a crazy extensive range of tyres and get tyre prices up to 50% cheaper! No more getting scammed by car workshops, waiting there for a long time and paying exorbitant prices for your tyres!

TyreQueen offers installment plans of up to 36 months for purchases above $500.

Simply go to TyreQueen.com, compare and pick your tyres, make your purchase and select a date and time to go to any of TyreQueen's workshops. Then your tyres get installed in 30 mins while you relax in their lounge!

If you, like me, know nothing about tyres (before I met them and got enlightened that is), there is livechat on the site that can answer all your tyre questions!

I just want to say that I'm so very happy and honoured to be chosen as TyreQueen's ambassador. I'm not a car fanatic and neither am I sexy or pretty like you expect the race queen types to look like. I'm just... motherly.

Hi!! Motherly boh?

But tyres don't just go hand in hand with racing or speed or fancy cars... Good tyres also mean safety - safety to not only you and your passengers but other people on the road as well as pedestrians. So in that sense I guess I'm very appropriate coz I'm always shuttling my whole family and lots of friends around. Soccer mom lol!!

Back to what I was saying... I'm very happy and honoured because the fantastic people at TyreQueen are one of the best clients I've worked with. They are SO nice. When I told them about a little scuffle Mike had on the road with a road bully (story for another day), immediately the next day they sent me two car cameras, one for Mike and one for me. O_O They really didn't have to do that.


Say hello to my Honda Freed!!!!!

It's a spacious 6 seater that fits all my family needs. So happy! I get to drive this car for a year.

Front view

Two seats at the back fold up for a lot of boot space!


Sliding back doors make it so easy to carry baby in and out...

And of course.... Brand new shiny TyreQueen Apollo tyres with gorgeous chrome rims!! TyreQueen is the sole distributor for Apollo tyres in Singapore.

Apollo was awarded “The Tire Manufacturer of the Year” by Tire Technology International in Cologue, Germany. Apollo tyres come with a 5 Years Warranty.

Not only do I get to drive this awesome car, TyreQueen also made me the star in their TVC ad!!!! :O

It is the first time I'm shooting a TVC!!!

TyreQueen is one of the sponsors for the Primetime TV show The Journey, Trilogy 2: Tumultuous Times, airing till 2nd January 2015 every weekday from 9pm to 10pm! The cast is super star studded with Li Nan Xing, Joanne Peh, Felicia Chin etc!

If you watch the show, you can catch my TVC airing!



When I first read the script it sounded quite cheesy but it is SUPPOSED to be cheesy... in a comic strip sort of way. The end result is a really cute and memorable ad.

To be honest I had a bit of a phobia when I first heard I had to do a TVC. I'm ok with photos because I know I can photoshop them. But you can't photoshop a video! (Or at least, not up to me to do it)

Plus this isn't just another episode of Guide to Life... This will be seen by so many Singaporeans and aired over and over again for 2 months!!

I was so afraid I will look ugly and fat and stumpy in it but luckily, if I might say so myself, I look quite cute in it lah!! LOLOL!!!

TyreQueen allowed me to do my own makeup (lao tian ye boh bi) and I had a great hairstylist (see the fab hair!) and stylist there who altered my superhero costume to fit me like a glove. Coincidentally she also altered my loose glove which initially did NOT fit me like a glove. LOL (Really wanna credit them but I'm so bad with names and I think they are named Anne, Violet and Sheena but I scared I remember wrong wtf)

Other than the appearance bit, I've experienced horrible directors who don't know what they are doing. I usually only like working with Gillian. But the team that filmed me were extremely professional - not to mention super funny. I had a great time shooting with them that day!!

We shot from 9am to 6pm straight in front of a green screen. I had to spin, jump, leap and pretend to fly for too many times to count. All that work condensed into 30 short seconds. Totally worth it.

It felt silly doing exaggerated actions in front of a green screen but I couldn't believe how awesome the animation turned out. O_o AND it was done in less than a week!

The people from TyreQueen stayed with me the whole time and were super helpful and encouraging. My Nuffnang managers accompanied me and made sure I had all basic needs covered... I was so afraid I cannot act properly but everyone was so patient with me. *tears

Getting mushy here but please lah not everyday you get to be on your first TVC ok so I just wanna properly thank everyone!!!

Nah nah nah watch again ok? This one in Mandarin hahaha!!

Back to TyreQueen!!

If you want to get your tyres changed, here is why you should pick TyreQueen!

  • 1) For every 4 tyres purchased, you get FREE LIFETIME patching for the tyres, FREE tyre rotation and special price for computerized wheel alignment.

  • 2) TyreQueen also offers services like balancing, puncture repair, tyre rotation, car servicing, computerized wheel alignment etc.


For every dollar you spend at TyreQueen, you get 1 TQ point.

Use your TQ points to exchange for sooooo many freebies!


The freebies include car accessories and Osim and GNC products!


You must be thinking... Getting a nice car to drive is awesome and all... BUT IT'S BLACK!!!

And boring black is totally NOT ME!!!

You are right!!

So, Nuffnang went to source for more sponsors to make my car really my DREAM CAR.

What kind of car design would make me happiest?? There are a few contenders, like having the entire car blinged out in crystals (ok that one a bit ridiculous), a My Little Pony themed car, or OMG... Is it possible?



I posted this design I did on instagram some time ago and I LOVE IT!!! Even my phone's case is customized to this print and it makes me so happy!!

The first step to achieving a Pineapple Dash car was to spray it!!!

Thank you KOH GUAN CHUA WORKSHOP for the EXCELLENT spray job!!

They sprayed the car body a really pretty shade of mint, and the rims baby pink!!! OMG!!

Every little corner was immaculately done, with the colours super vivid and vibrant and summery, just like I wanted it!! You will see later!!

I don't have a photo of the car with just the spraying done unfortunately because immediately after spraying it's time for STICKERS!!!!

Here I am at DFM!! 

They do stickers for cars, stickers for anything, vehicle plate numbers, tees... Basically they are awesome at printing anything!!!

And just like that, with both Koh Guan Chua and DFM's CAN DO attitude, the Pineapple Dash car was starting to materialize!!

OMG! So big the sticker heads!!!

Here's boss Alvin sticking stickers on my freshly sprayed Honda Freed!!!! OMG IT'S SO BLOODY CUTE CANNOT TAKE IT GONNA PUKE RAINBOWS!!!

Final product:


I wanted a repeated pattern of Pineapple Dash all over the car but Alvin said most people don't like slicing portraits since it's considered bad luck. So none of the Dash photos can be sliced which means it won't look so pattern-like.

But all restrictions considered I think Alvin did a fantastic job aligning the stickers!!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!

AND THE COLOURS!!!! Those are my two favourite colours! I didn't opt for the body to be pink (which seems very predictable of me) because I thought mint matched the pineapple pattern more. Besides... Sometimes Mike might drive the car so try to keep it a BIT less ludicrous for him. LOL


Really got people hashtagging the car already, 
you can go see on twitter and instagram!

Please hashtag #xiaxuecar if you 
spot my super cute car!! :D

Other side...

In case you are wondering, the window says "24HR 360° Camera surveillance" - I installed the security cameras because I think people will try to peel off my Dash stickers! Actually it is very hard to peel off but in case of haters trying to scratch the car also lah... Don't get any ideas you will go to jail and get caned like Michael Fay ok!

The back is so cute also :D

I am so in love with my car :D :D :D

I keep getting a lot of friendly waves and smiles from other drivers on the road too!! :D

And in case you are wondering, Dash is very intrigued by the car!!

That day he told me "Let's go ride in the Pineapple Dash car." LOL!!!

Ok end the entry with a sibeh hot photo of me lol check it out:


TyreQueen's facebook page!! 


Koh Guan Chua's facebook page!!

Please go spray your car Singapore has too many boring cars!

DFM's facebook page!!

Please go like for Sticky fun!!

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ORRO made my friends happy


So this might just be the best advertorial ever.

Some time ago I did my first blog entry for ORRO, where I was a very very happy girl and got a fully customised 18k white gold diamond stimulant ring, a necklace and matching earrings!

Although it is a lab made diamond stimulant, its shine and sparkle doesn't lose out to that of a real naturally mined diamond!

ORRO's diamond stimulant above and my engagement ring below (naturally mined diamond)

And now, ORRO told me I can choose Christmas gifts for my friends and family!!!!

OMG!!!! SO NICE!!!

A bit paiseh to take too many things lah so I just got stuff for my mom, my mother-in-law and my blogger friends coz know they won't mind me snapping pics of them for this entry.

Anyway, a little more about ORRO first, in case you don't know who they are!

ORRO does fine jewellery, but instead of setting naturally mined diamonds, they use lab grown diamond simulants which are completely indistinguishable with the naked eye.

There are two types of diamond simulants they provide:

ORRO’s Premium Master Cut Diamond Simulants – a hand-cut and hand polished lab-grown diamond simulant that is painstakingly cut and polished to precision by their master cutters in their in-house workshop facility.

Master Cut Diamond Simulants are set only on their solid 18K yellow/white/rose gold or pure platinum pieces. Price start from $435.

ORRO’s Superior Cut Diamond Simulants – a machine-cut and hand polished lab-grown diamond simulant that's created in a manner whereby every facet of the stone is cut to precision and adheres to the industry's most stringent diamond cutting standards.

Superior Cut Diamond Simulants are set on their platinum vermeil (sterling silver) pieces. Prices start from $145.

The last time round my customized ring was 18k white gold. But today I want to talk about the Platinum Vermeil range... The prices are much more affordable then the 18k gold range and will make fantastic Christmas presents!!!

Without further ado, here's what my happy friends and family chose!!

Actually... They didn't personally go down to the store to pick the items. They actually just told me a rough idea of what they wanted (via very lengthy whatsapp messages) and I chose the stuff!

Everything is customized to their sizes!!


ORRO jewellery comes in these gorgeous sleek and plush piano black jewellery boxes... Great presentation for a gift.


My mom wanted a sparkly bracelet that she can wear on a daily basis. For some reason I feel this design screamed her (maybe somewhere in my childhood subconscious I saw her wear something similar?). Best of all it also came with a matching earring!!

She's so happy!!! She's wearing her matching ORRO earrings. ORRO Completely Bazel Set Loop Earrings.

It's a great size, comfortable enough to wear daily and even to sleep...

Actually ORRO is a great gift idea for moms/mother in laws... They all love sparkly stuff but most aunties don't want to wear real diamonds because of fear of losing them!! Now they can have fine jewellery but not waste away their pieces in a safe.

(Ahem not that ORRO isn't trendy but middle aged women are like magpies.)

LOL See how happy she is??

Her bracelet - the ORRO Beloved Charm Bracelet.

She was so pleased she said she will cook more food for me. LOL!!!


I was told this is a very popular new ORRO design and I immediately though of my mom-in-law Ann! It's a cross made out of heart diamonds and it's so sparkly. She rarely ever spends money on herself so I hope new jewellery will make her happy!


Sophie wanted solitaire earrings that are subtle enough for work, so I told her to get these!!

ORRO Hearts All Over The World Earrings!

I've always loved (pun intended) ORRO's signature heart prongs!!

Solitaire earrings need not be boring! Now comes with a twist!

Ok can't really see the earrings but here's a super pretty photo of Sophie.


Qiuqiu said she saw this heart bracelet design on ORRO's website and was in love with it. But that design only had one heart on it.

I saw this multiple heart version in the store (it's not on the website) and she said she likes this even better!!

(Btw their store has a much wider range of designs than online so be sure to drop by!)

It's so bloody cute! I must admit I was super tempted to ask if I can get one for myself too!!!

She said she will treasure it very much coz usually she damn budget so she will never splurge so much on herself.


 I thought it would be hard finding a gift for a guy at ORRO but they have men's stuff too!

Yutaki chose this unisex Three-Line Paved Ring Band. Very classy!!

 It fits his index finger exactly right because it's custom made to his size!!

Erm ok fine besides picking stuff for my friends and family I also got something for myself!!

Sorry lah I couldn't resist!!! I was looking at a ring longingly and ORRO said I can go ahead so I did. LOL!!


It's the ORRO Perfect Reflection Ring!

Talk about super adorable! It looks like a normal solitaire ring from top view but from the sides it looks like a ribbon. :D

Here it is on my finger!! Diamond encrusted from every angle. The photos simply cannot do justice to the shine and sparkle!

Best thing I like about this ring is that it has no sharp edges so I don't have to be scared of scratching Dash when wearing it. I've not taken it off since I got it!! LOVE IT SO MUCH!!

I took out the ring light in the living room the day the bloggers came over to collect their gifts so we all took pics together!!!

LOL this is the test shot. I was supposed to sit beside Sophie. Anyhow snap also they all are prepared for it. -_- Vain bloggers...

Ok finished with the camwhoring shots!!

ORRO's showroom is at #02-09 of Pacific Plaza. Pacific Plaza is just beside Shaw Centre and 5 mins from Orchard MRT!!

And they have a newly opened outlet now at Orchard Gateway!

Orchard Gateway is the new shopping centre just directly above Somerset MRT station so it's super convenient also!

If you are not free to physically make a trip down to get Xmas gifts for your loved ones, or if you are overseas but want to buy something for someone living in Singapore or anywhere in the world, ORRO actually has a very very comprehensive website (http://www.orro.com/) so you can actually go look at the website to do your online shopping!! ORRO ships your orders worldwide!

However, remember the store has a lot more designs plus the pictures on the website will never do justice to the sparkle of the diamond stimulants. Warning though... If you go down to the store you won't buy just what you went in to buy because all the stuff are so gorgeous and affordable wtf!! Ok lah maybe not everyone is so addicted to sparkly stuff like me.

Their facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/ORRO.Online.

Their instagram page is http://instagram.com/orrojewelry

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