Protection Order Against SMRT Ltd (Feedback)

So... As you guys know I'm constantly being harassed by the entity called SMRT (Ltd) Feedback.

Most of you probably don't know the extensive nature of it.

I've been harassed by them, more or less nonstop, since 2012.

One of the first posts about me

Every now and then they will throw in some snide comment about me if they feel like it. I've pretty much ignored them for years now.

 (29 Nov 2012)

Sometimes I retailiate, but for what? It just gives them more ammunition to continue. It makes them more popular and more obnoxious.

Since they are anonymous, there is nothing much I can do about it.

Defend myself? For every defense they come up with another accusation/insult. I defend until when?

Sue them for defamation? Serve the papers... on who?

Find out their identity? I'm sorry but I have no idea how to go about doing that.

After their Exposé Part 1.5 about me, I have resigned myself to the fact that their relentless taunting, accusations and insults are simply things I have to accept in my life. It's not that I didn't want to fight back. It is that I cannot. You can't fight with something that isn't even a real entity.

Thus the previous blog entry about how to win them.

But it was a farce. I didn't win, not really. It was simply the best I could do.

I didn't want to let everyone know the extensive damage Smrt Ltd Feedback (henceforth called SMRT) have done to me because it would serve no purpose other than to give them glee.

But today, I'll tell everyone know what they have done to me since 2012...

Disparaged my character and work integrity

  • Accused me of bribing Gushcloud influencers. 

Despite my clarification that I did no such thing, the post is still there.

  • Accused me of fraud.

According to them I inflate my statistics and buy my followers to cheat advertisers for more money. Despite me clarifying I did no such thing, their posts are still there.

(from their blog)

(From their twitter)

  • Defamed my online business

  • Attacked my advertisers.

They spread untrue and completely baseless rumours insinuating that Tyrequeen has dropped me.

This also led to their followers, despite never being actual customers of Tyrequeen, leaving 1 star reviews for the page. My clients were very upset because their team had worked so hard to get 5 star reviews previously. Luckily, despite that, they didn't drop my endorsement.

Imputed My Unchastity

  • Calling me a slut
Btw, these tweets happened when I was pregnant.

  • Calling me a stripper

Harassed me for and during my pregnancy

I was pregnant from August 2012 to March 2013. During this period, SMRT was unrelentless in their attacks. Nobody says you cannot harass pregnant women and nor will I claim that they affected me enough to cause any prenatal depression or anything like that, but it just speaks volumes about how low they will go.

  • Calling me a pregnant dog:

  • Insinuating my husband will leave me after birthing an ugly baby (like in the article linked)

Harassed my family

  • Directly badgered my husband

  • Vandalised my child's picture

I never said I was a perfect role model or the best mom. I am not. Before Dashiel's birth I've used vulgarities and continue to do so today, although I've reduced the usage drastically. But I NEVER EVER do it in front of him. Even if I did (which I don't), it's not up to them to misuse my son's pictures as some kind of comic fodder for their webpages.

  • Attacked my child's appearance

Dash was only 2 months old

Since this was posted after Dash's birth I'm going to assume they are saying he is ugly.

Compromised my family's and my safety

  • My address disclosed, many times over.

SMRT themselves didn't do that, but they provided a popular avenue for my haters to. Previously, if someone posted my address somewhere else, it doesn't really matter because very few people would see it. Those who did wouldn't care.

But SMRT has a monthly reach of 2 million, and many of their followers HATE me.These haters now know where to find me.

I have received very scary death threats before. 

It's so scary that I don't even dare to post it on this blog. 

But you can click HERE if you want to see it. (Warning: graphic images)

This person actually promised to never stop hunting Dash down until he personally murders my baby.
(He wrote that in the caption. Unfortunately, before I could do a printscreen, the account was flagged and removed.)

When I saw that my address was exposed on SMRT, I felt so worried that the person who issued the death threat would come hunt me down and harm Dash, I couldn't sleep.

After SMRT's exposé, THIS website popped up. (Warning: graphic images, nsfw)

The website was linked on SMRT via comments. The site has been taken down (I'm guessing people went to report it) but it definitely showed me how scary people can get.

However, all in all, I felt that SMRT's constant attacks on me, and their resulting comments stream which provides a widely seen avenue for my haters to post all kinds of private information about me, compromises my family's and my safety.

Third Party Attacks

Everytime SMRT posts about me, hundreds of horrible third party attacks will occur. To date, there are thousands.

SMRT may argue that they cannot help it that people post comments, but it is undeniable that their abusive posts about me are the catalyst. 

Just a few examples of the things people say...

Looking at all these, I'm sure most of you agree it's getting way overboard. This isn't just childish remarks about my appearance anymore. 

It is actually getting dangerous.

If someone were to relentlessly attack you and your family again and again, would you just stand by and do nothing???

A few days after writing my previous entry and giving up on fighting with SMRT, I was alerted to the new Harassment Act.

Although I did know of the act, it never occurred to me that I can use it. The act only came into effect on 15 November 2014. It is very new.

There is something different about this Act. Unlike any other Act in the past, it CAN be served on the anonymous via emails or social media messaging.

And so, a few weeks ago, I engaged a law firm to seek a Protection Order against SMRT from the Harassment Act. This isn't a sponsorship, I paid for their services.

Now, a little more about the Harassment Act. The proceedings go like this (of course I'm not a lawyer so I am explaining it the best I can):

1) You file an Originating Summons, which is your request for what you want in your Protection Order, and also an affidavit, which is like your statement and evidence for what happened.

2) A court date will be set some time later for a hearing before a judge who will decide if he/she wants to grant you the Protection Order.

3) In between, the other party will have time to find their own lawyers and file their own affidavit to counter why they feel the Order shouldn't be granted, if they are so inclined. (But to do so SMRT will have to file it with an identity, which will compromise on their anonymity, so they didn't.)

On the 29th of January 2015 at approximately 12pm, SMRT was served via email and their facebook private message.

Effective service happens the moment you successfully sent your documents electronically. Whether or not the party saw it does not matter.

However, I did printscreen that they saw my message on 1.27pm. They stopped mentioning me on their social media afterwards.

That night, at around 1030pm, a few hours after they received the court service, something odd happened. 

I was turning into my carpark and a strong flashlight came on. You can see what my car camera recorded:

(Ignore the timestamp as I never bothered to properly set the time and date on my car camera)

I was alone in the car and got really scared! I noticed that there was a middle aged man (looks mid-forties) who was hiding between two cars under my block and holding a heavy DSLR camera. After his flash came on he looked visibly flustered and starting to fumble with his camera awkwardly.

I sat in the parked car and called Mike who was at home to come downstairs but he didn't pick up as he didn't have his phone by him.

So I walked up to the guy and went behind him. He avoided eye contact with me and still pretended to fiddle with his camera while standing awkwardly wedged between the two parked cars. Neither cars had their engines or lights on.

I tried to take a picture of his back view sneakily but FML I made same noobshit mistake as him and my flash came on lol.

Here's the photo:

That's his head in the photo.

Nervously, I approached him and asked "May I ask what you are taking photos of?"

He pointed at the moon and said "I'm testing my new camera and shooting the moon."

Since I had no proof that he did anything wrong, I left it at that and went home. I came down with Mike immediately after and he was gone.

After looking at my car camera footage, I realised that his flash was aimed obviously to his front and center at my car, not upwards and to the left where the moon was. Why would anyone be hiding in between two parked cars in an open air carpark to shoot the moon? That's ridiculous!

And as my friends pointed out, to shoot the moon one needs a tripod and telescopic lens, which he didn't have. I filed a police report online the next day.

I don't know who this guy is. I find it very unlikely that he was indeed shooting the moon, but it seems a little presumptuous and self-flattering to say he is photographing me.

However, this indeed happened a few hours after I served SMRT their papers.

The photographer could have been any random person or perhaps a genuine moon admirer, but I can't help but have my suspicions about who he is.

The next day, I went back to my facebook inbox and saw that SMRT went to mark their message as unread.

I don't know what they trying to do because they left the "seen" tick there for over a day and luckily I took a screenshot.

Then, one day before the hearing, they posted super long disclaimers on their pages about how they are a satire page and have no malicious intent blah blah. Sorry, no dice. Just because you claim everything you write is satire means you are bulletproof to insult anyone you want? Obviously some of their posts about me with graphs, charts and statistics show it isn't satire. And how is everything I've shown so far not malicious?

In their blog they tried to lie it isn't created by them...

Forgot to delete self written evidence that your blog is created by you?

Obviously they didn't want to remove their blog posts on me so they try to disclaim that it's not created by them. I'm not sure if such flimsy lies will work...

Finally, 5th of February, 
the date of the hearing, arrived.

After the hearing (at which SMRT did not appear), the following court order is given:

As far as I know, this is the first successful Protection Order taken up against an anonymous entity.

What this means:

If they violate the court order, it is considered contempt of court, which is a CRIMINAL OFFENSE. 

If convicted, they may be punishable with a fine or IMPRISONMENT.

Q and A time!

  • Question 1: "But they are anonymous, how to catch?"

If SMRT flouts the court order and therefore commits criminal contempt of court, it becomes a criminal case – a police report can be filed against them and the police can start looking into using its resources to trace SMRT’s identity.

I'm sure they are ways to trace a person online, even if they use everything they can to cover their tracks. They are accepting payment for ads and have a paypal account. Money has to go somewhere to someone.

By openly flouting the law, they are challenging our legal system to apprehend them.

Hopefully then, we can finally see the faces behind the masks.

  • Question 2: "They claim to be overseas, then how?"

Once again, it will be up to the police to trace them down and see where they are. Once their identity is known, I can seek other remedies such as a defamation suit if they are overseas. If they are in Singapore which they have mentioned many times they are, then they have to answer for their actions.

  • Question 3: "What if really cannot find them?"

Just because their identity isn't known now doesn't mean it will never be known forever. In the future, if their identity gets found, they can still be charged. If they really continue to violate the law and don't get found, then kudos to them and bad luck to me. But they better hope they won't be found.

  • Question 4: "Why must you resort to the law? That's so oppressive."
What a stupid question. Did you not see the above where I posted all the shit they wrote about my family and me? I will use any means I can to stop them, even if it means fighting with the law. They are anonymous, it is not like I can do anything else to defend myself!

And the biggest question of all that everyone is thinking:

  • Question 5: "Don't you harass other people too like Dawn Yang or Kaykay? You can harass the families of the Faces of Haters but people cannot harass yours? This is horribly hypocritical of you. You deserve all that SMRT did to you."

I admit that throughout my blogging career, I have indeed wrote unfavourably about many people.

But there is one very big difference: I AM NOT ANONYMOUS. 

Whatever I say, I say with my identity. I pay the price of my words. Whenever I insult anyone, I always get backlash from the public for being a bully. It's not like I can say whatever I want with no consequences.

If these people who felt harassed, defamed, or insulted by me, they can attack me back (which they have), sue me for defamation, or feel free to slap a Harassment suit on me too.

If the latter happens, unlike SMRT, I will appear for the court hearing and let the judge know why I said what I said and answer for my actions. The judge can then decide if a protection order should be taken up against me.

As for the posting of the family pictures of the Faces of Haters, as I have explained many times, IT IS NOT ME WHO POSTED PICTURES OF THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS. IT IS THE MEN THEMSELVES.

They wrote those nasty and dirty comments about me with a open facebook profile on Temasek Review. Some even have their wife and children as their profile picture. It's public information. It's not like I went to do some crazy detective work and entrap them to send me their family photos. Anyone who was on Temasek Review would have already saw their comments and can easily see their family with a simple click. How is what I blogged any different from what they did themselves?

It's wrong to do a printscreen of their open profiles? I really don't get it. (Longer explanation HERE)

And unlike SMRT, I did not ever write insulting comments about their family members. Yes, their family members are innocent. Tell that to the men who involved their family, NOT ME.


Now that I've shown many of the abusive posts SMRT has done on me, I hope it is clearer why I have to take this drastic step to stop them.

They have promised an exposé part 2 on me, which I'm sure will contain even more lies and abuse. I wouldn't care, except they have widespread exposure. Their malicious behaviour have gone on for years, has only increased in intensity and shows no signs of stopping.

I'm glad I've got my Protection Order now, which shows even the law agrees I've been unfairly harassed and it should stop.

SMRT Feedback: Please read the Court Order and comply, or face the legal consequences.

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How to win the Anonymous

A few days back, my friends and I were discussing the recent sagas that have been surrounding me.

I was just discussing with them how idiotic and obviously far-fetched some of the accusations are, such as that I inflate my stats because some morons decided for themselves that "Only SG visitors are important so we only count page views from the SG url, we will just conveniently discount the rest."

I said heatedly, feeling very agitated that I have to explain such a moot point and that the cusspool of inbred buffoons in Singapore seem to believe in the crap spewed forth, nodding their unibrows and underbites in unison with drool spilling all over their keyboards.

My friend calmly replied,

"You are making the mistake of thinking they are actually interested in the truth."

Well that shut me up.

It certainly was illuminating.

He is, being a PHD student and all, absolutely right. There is no need to argue. Tomorrow, they can post up a photo of a dead puppy and say I tortured it to death. Even if I present alibis and other irrefutable evidence, they don't care.

They just want to provoke a reaction, they want to say whatever they can, because they can.

You can only reason with people who have basic common sense and want to see common sense.

My adversaries fulfill neither criteria. It's a witchhunt by the dumbest of dipshits in our city.

Digressing, have you guys ever watch the movie Idiocracy?

It's about how 500 years in the future, with no natural predators and intelligent people breeding less and less and dumb people breeding like crazy, humankind evolved to become very stupid.

This average Joe (Luke Wilson) was put in an army experiment that froze him for 500 years, so when he woke up, he was the smartest person in a world filled with idiots. I find this very relevant to me whenever I see the Pussies' facebook page.

This about sums up my situation right now.

The Pussies' end game, unlike my Gushcloud post, is not to let everyone know the truth.

It is to simply destroy me whether or not truth is compromised.

They have no qualms about spewing lies with manipulated data just to vilify me. 2 days ago, the Pussies posted about how TyreQueen dropped me. This isn't true and they had no proof - they just decided to post it anyway.

This is the kind of credibility they have.

Like how they can say Nuffnang is the monopolizing player with in the industry with 900,000 bloggers under them. Then when I win the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards for Region's Best Blog twice in a row against the most influencial bloggers from many different countries, it's suddenly like licking my own balls even though I won competing against 900,000 people (and more because even non Nuffnang bloggers are nominated). Ok lor, whatever you say. I've love to see some achievements of yours that can beat mine. None? I thought so.

Or like how yesterday they said my Gushcloud post was written because Nuffnang/Netccentric is about to IPO.

You want to flip around so much why don't you go sell roti prata?

First you say my shares are worth nothing, the agency I belong to is doing more poorly than Gushcloud, and now suddenly you are market specialists who can tell me how much I can get in this rumoured IPO! I am damn excited wei!! What should I buy with $300,000? I must make sure to have better accounting than Gushcloud and not just lose receipts for $233k. Oh wait, that's ok because that's my money to spend and not from some schmuck investor who gave me money...

Anyway, logic dictates that IF there is indeed an IPO and IF I get shares that I can publicly sell, why the HELL would I post about Gushcloud now? I should post it only after the listing, then my share price will increase, no? #genius #not

And btw many other bloggers also have shares in Nuffnang. Why don't you tell everyone who they are and whether having shares in Nuffnang automatically makes you a nefarious illuminati-type mastermind?

Oh man I just said I'm not going to to clarify all the lame shit they say and I'm doing it again. Damn.

I thought about how to win this. I thought about finding out who they are. I thought about defending myself, which I can, easily enough, because the claims are so stupid.

But I got angry because why the hell should the onus of proving some preposterous accusation be on me? The law states that the person spreading the claim should be the one proving it, or face a lawsuit. This doesn't apply to anonymous pussies.

Then it occurred to me how to win this. 

There is only ONE WAY.

I just have to be happy. Happy, and successful.

And it's like the fog has lifted

All they want is for me to suffer. 

If I obstinately refuse to do that, they also lan lan.

If I think about it, is any of this affecting me in any real way? I may have gotten my address exposed, but so far nobody harassed me. My HDB block has CCTVs all over the stairwells and lifts. I have good relations with my neighbours and I believe they will help me if necessary. I didn't get any pizzas or dildos.

(Honestly? Dildos are so expensive! If you want to give me free dildos go ahead, I can give my girlfriends for their birthdays.)

I didn't get any endorsements dropped; my sponsors have told me they support me. My ad requests have been through the roof these days with the extra publicity. Even if I do lose an endorsement, so what? I've lost them before in 2005 and I'm still here, with bigger and better ones.

I have a lovely family, a supportive and awesome husband, great friends, and mostly importantly of all, I have a happy happy healthy baby who makes me so happy everyday.

Everyday I look at him and cannot believe how lucky I am to have such an adorable, sweet, funny and smart child.

My life is meaningful and fulfilling.

I have more than enough money to spend.

I live in my dream house and drive my dream car that I didn't have to pay for.

I'm blessed, and I will continue to be.

In 2015, I hope to complete my family with a second child. I have so much to look forward to. :)

I thought people hated me because of all the vitriol about me I've seen online recently, but so many have also wrote in to me with such kind words. People who KNOW me because they have been reading me for 10 years and know my life and my character inside out. Surely their opinion counts more than some hater who only saw one obscure rude tweet of mine.

When I step out of the house, people, real life people and not just fake accounts hiding behind an online facade, come to me and tell me they support me and like me. Why do I seek validation from those determined to hate? I shouldn't.

I cannot please everyone. In fact, the more successful/popular you are, the more people will dislike you because they do not feel you are deserving of the success.

As I said before - money doesn't motivate me. Vengeance does. Proving my haters wrong.

So thank you, haters. Thank you for all the extra publicity you have given me... My blog hits are so high right now and I love it and so does my clients.

Because of your hate, I stay relevant and talked about - the most important thing a media personality needs. 

Front page of The Newpaper twice in four days for two different news? 
Don't like this I shy

Because of your hate, you introduce me to new people who might just decide they like me.

Because of your hate, I have motivation in life to do better, work harder. Your hate is my fuel.

So continue hating. I will try my darnest to make you hate me even more.

By continuing to get all the awesome stuff you don't think I deserve.

The only way you can hurt me, is to be indifferent to me. 

Love or hate, I appreciate it all! Thank you!!

This is me with my upcoming $300,000 #ifithappens

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The Xiaxue and Nuffnang Exposé

Happy new year guys!!

It's the 3.35am on 1st of January 2015 (woot 2015!) as I sit at my computer desk writing this.

Yesterday, I spent a happy day with my family. Around 11pm, the husband set up a conference call with his family so we video-chatted and my MIL watched us open up the presents for Christmas from everyone in Texas. The presents had arrived late so we only got them a few days after Christmas. A very happy Dash got a new toy car and is superbly pleased with it. After he fell asleep, the husband and I watched a movie online.  (The Judge - Robert Downey Junior. Made me cry bucketloads, don't suggest it unless you feel like being depressed)

The husband has gone off to sleep and I'm not sleepy yet, so I thought I'll finally refute the very very stupid accusations of me by some anonymous internet bullies who think of themselves as righteous vigilantes.

I know many have told me not to reply to them. At first, I ignored them. But their facebook post has 2,400 shares to date. Too many people have read their lies and believed them. To ask me to not respond is tantamount to admission of guilt.

I shall call them as a collective "Pussies" because only cowards don't put their identity behind their opinions. :)

(If you haven't seen the facebook page or the website, don't bother. It's a waste of time and I'm not going to link them. This post is for the Pussies and their Pussy fans to see only. )

I must admit, that as the Pussies hyped up their exposé over days, even I got a bit anxious. I was worried they will pull in my family, expose their personal details, or I might get overweight eating too much pizza.

 I give credit when it's due: Thank you, Pussies, for not going so low. My family and friends are innocent and should not be involved. Good Pussies.

But what about for me? I've been on the internet for a good 12 years. God knows I've done sneaky things myself, especially thoughout my teen years when I think people won't find out. Some things I don't even remember anymore. But experience taught me I WOULD get found out. So, a combination of fear and my love for JK Rowling makes sure I try, try my best to always do the right thing rather than the easy thing.

When I first saw their excuse of an exposé, the husband and I read it together, we both laughed out loud, and couldn't stop.

They had accused me of bribing witnesses to get them to talk about Gushcloud!

Exposé snippet 1:

Dear Xiaxue and Nuffnang, stop asking people within Gushcloud's network to help spill the dirt on GC by offering cash in exchange.

You will need the cash for yourself to buy kopi once we start saying hello to all your clients. Charging them $5000 per post for ad placements on your blog which hardly top 1K views in the months before this saga?

LOL can you imagine me?? Talking to some Gushcloud ex employee and going all 無間道 serious face, wearing all patent black leather with sunglasses, a black bob wig and subtly, subtly, pushing an unmarked brown envelope over the table? HAHAHA

Here's the truth: I've been talking to loads of people who worked with Gushcloud, be it influencers or ex employees or vendors. Some of them came willing to speak to me, some I went to contact. Nothing wrong with that when I need proof and evidence for my post.

But one thing's for sure: I would never offer cash in exchange.

Lao niang got no money to offer please.
I have a shitload of sponsored products I have yet to open, I guess I will offer that first.

"Tell me about Gushcloud and I will give you 5 moisturizers 
and 3 sets of blogshop clothes that fit size XS-S. Deal?"

Then sex, coz that's what sexy spies in movies do. I'll smother them with my saggy motherly boobs till they cannot resist my midgety matronly charm and they be all like "I CONFESS!!!!! Gushcloud's founders are both aliens! Stop! Stop singing Old MacDonald had a farm! No more farm animals!! Stop showing me photos of your son!!"

Sorry for putting that image in your mind. Here's a nice photoshopped picture.

Photo taken for 2B Alternative, I was singing Old Macdonald while taking it.

Next is the accusation that I have less than 1k page views a month.

Stop it, I already have stomachache from the bribery bullshit and now this!!! You really want me to burst an artery laughing????

Then, despite me tweeting that I do not get 1k a month for page views, they continued to not believe me and posted this up:


Ok they got these stats from the sitemeter that is embedded in my sidebar.

From there, they posted up these stats which says I had 1,133 page vists in the month of December, which is an average of:


Any fucking moron with HALF A BRAIN can tell you that's IMPOSSIBLE.

My Gushcloud article went viral. VIRAL. It was reported in almost all news outlets in Singapore. There are 12,000 shares on facebook, and a reach over 1 freaking million!

HOW CAN IT BE THAT I HAD 45 VIEWS THE DAY IT WENT VIRAL??? (according to sitemeter daily views)


You want to know why the sitemeter is inaccurate? Because some time ago, blogger made sure that their URL is customized to whatever country the viewer is in.

For example, if you are from Singapore, even if you type in http://xiaxue.blogspot.com, it auto directs to http://xiaxue.blogspot.sg, or http://xiaxue.blogspot.tw if you are in Taiwan. Try it.

Since the sitemeter is for .com, it only manages to track US traffic - although I think not accurately either.

About 20 minutes later, people whose brains are not made of bird droppings pointed out to Pussies that this statistic is impossible.

They quickly added in the edit part:

This proves they made a genuine mistake with sitemeter and it wasn't a troll bait like they claimed.

After that they deleted the entire post, and posted up a clarification on their page that their statistics are wrong (NO SHIT SHERLOCK).

It's sibeh paiseh to be making such a dumb mistake so they made no allusion to it on their badass (more like dumbass) blog, instead lying that the 1k accusation was a "troll bait" to get an exit.

Don't come and bullshit lah, it isn't troll bait, it was one of the most embarrassing mistakes people ever made on the internet, right up there with Peter Coffin and his imaginary girlfriend.

Ok now here is the truly genius part.

After being called out that their stats are inaccurate due to the .com/.sg/.ca/.cn discrepancy in blogger's urls, you'd think they've wisened up.


They went ahead to similarweb.com, entered in the URL http://xiaxue.blogspot.sg, and rubbed their hands in glee, thinking that they caught me finally:


It sure doesn't sound like they are trolling me. They sound really smug and full of themselves for good quality detective work.

They've already been told my blog's visitors don't come from one URL but many. WHY THEY STILL ONLY REPORT ONE URL?

Stupid, or simply unethical?

Just by entering xiaxue.blogspot into similar web you can see all the other extensions that my website can end in, depending on which country you are in. There might even be more.

They just conveniently didn't bother about these and reported inaccurate statistics. Statistics that a third party site with no tracker on my blog had guessed at best.

You want to see the real one? Here, Google Analytics:

If Pussies suspect me of photoshopping this data please email me at xiaxue@gmail.com so I can add you as admin on that GA account then you can sleuth all you like for foul play ok?

Anyway they also went on about how my cute little stat counter is a fraud.

Honestly, I have no idea how this site counter works.

I saw it was a widget on Blogger.com, which is owned by Google, and thought it looks cute so I put it up. Whether it is accurate or not, I have no idea and didn't bother to check. Would Google make people put up inaccurate widgets??

I was just thinking JIALAT I don't know how to counter this counter (hahaha), when suddenly someone left this link on my ig:


Someone who is technically savvy explained it!! And can write really well too! Please go read ah... If TL;DR then I summarize for you: Counter is not rigged and if it isn't accurate it's not my fault but Google's.

(No I have no idea who this person is)

Anyway, continuation of Pussies' very long list of accusations... Next they said I timed each blog saga I had to a "big advertorial".


Once again, the Pussies prove their overwhelming intellect by their ludicrous claims. In 2014, I had 11 advertorials on my blog.

It's not coincidental. My managers planned for an average of 1 per month. I have expressed that I prefer to do instagram or facebook posts because blog advertorials take me a long time to do.

As such, the waiting client list goes on for months and months. Which means that even if you wish to do a blog advertorial with me, the next available slot is in May or something.

I don't need to give them extra "saga hits" to get them to pay more... The price for all the adverts are all the same, and you think I'm so amazing want saga can write saga ah?

Was there 11 sagas I created in 2014 to match all the adverts? GOT?


The text on my sidebar may say 40,000 hits daily, but it is also put up there eons ago, I just never removed it. I just clarified that I get about 6k a day on average because the blog has been so abandoned.

But in any case, it doesn't matter. Because every client who paid for a blog advertorial with me will get updated statistics from my managers, unlike Gushcloud.

They are given accurate and up to date page views, then they decide whether or not they want to pay $5,000 for it.

Who the fuck are you to decide if $5,000 is worth it or not?

Why don't you ask my clients if they are satisfied and that the money spent is worth it?

One way to find out: Satisfied customers return.

Just in 2014, I did two Datsumo Labo adverts (link, link) and two Orro adverts (link, link).

Unless you can catch my managers giving clients INFLATED STATS (or what they call "not inflated, just outdated") like Gushcloud did, you have NO RIGHT to claim I'm the same as them.


I don't know where they got their stupid (German?) instagram screenshot from, but to suggest that I would go buy instagram likes for every single post I make is so profoundly idiotic I cannot even. Sie sind dumm? Is it really so inconceivable to you how popular I am?


 It doesn't matter that every other post I make gets, instantly, thousands of likes.

1,000 likes in 2 mins, as witnessed by many others yesterday.

No... The one time there is a glitch, it is because the midget bought likes. Xiang tai duo lah you, I really not so free to go buy likes everytime I post something ok? Scroll back... Look at the last few thousand posts and examine the likes ok? If I'm so consistant and hardworking, my managers won't be texting me everyday asking me to hand in adverts.


Two users who liked the post have deleted accounts, which means they must be bots, and is therefore conclusive proof that I bought likes.


Their user accounts are gone but it could be because they are sick of instagram or changed a username or a myriad of other reasons. And where is your evidence their accounts are deleted during the purge?

I can't even


I lost 30k followers, therefore I bought fake followers.

I had 574k followers. Losing 30k is a mere 5%, which is a very normal percentage for everyone.


I buy likes, but didn't bother to buy for the ads on instagram even though they claim I would do anything for happy clients.

The image posted before the datsumo labo ad:

Yes I buy likes for all the normal pics but leave the ads hanging so clients don't return.


Using some dumbass app called socialbakers.com, they checked both PM Lee and my twitter account and insinuated we both bought fake twitter followers by calling him "cheeky".

Do they genuinely believe that PM Lee, the leader of our country, both a Cambridge and Harvard graduate, with countless achievements under his belt - WOULD FUCKING BE SO STUPID AS TO BUY TWITTER FOLLOWERS???


When if caught, which is easily, it is a national scandal and embarrassment??

Have some respect ya?

Here, to show how inaccurate that website is:

I believe neither of these accounts needed to or would buy followers.

Stupid Pussies.


Because I have 3.4% of fans from Cambodia, my facebook followers MUST BE BOUGHT.

Earth to Pussies: The world does not consist of Singapore only. Since you only churn out local content, obviously your illiterate fans would consist of mostly Singaporeans. Sorry you live in a well.

For me, guess what? Anyone, including Cambodians, can appreciate cute baby photos.

And I'm not sure if anyone informed you... But Singapore is a very small country. It isn't that amazing that there are more people from larger countries who will like my page than Singaporeans, even if I am primarily known here!

Their's also fake is it, huh Pussies?? Want to start an "ops" against them? *Roll eyes*

There are more Malaysians than Singaporeans liking them because THERE ARE MORE MALAYSIANS!!! 29million vs 5.4million, OK??? It's simple math!!!

I think all we can conclude from this is 1) Cambodians love using facebook 2) Social bakers is bullshit. 3) Pussies are stupid.


Someone who sells fake stats bought a pixel ad from me, therefore it is conclusive proof that I use them to buy fake stats.


Can like this anyhow say ah? Once upon a time you drank a glass of water and 3 months later someone drowned so it must be you who murdered him?

I'm not quite sure why Nuffnang's financial health is being involved in this. I suppose the Pussies were trying to prove that Nuffnang was dying and so I had to kick Gushcloud out of the picture so I can get my money's worth of the 5% shares I own.

Then, they went to write a buttload of crap based on their analysis of Nuffnang's financial reports. SO SMART SMRT!! They took a leaf out of my book!!

It is super detailed and long and painstakingly written with printscreen after printscreen and charts.


Oh God this is so embarrassing for the Pussies that I even blushed myself when I read their post...

As they love to call me, sibeh XIA SUAY

The financials they presented are accurate. Nuffnang Pte Ltd may indeed have a net loss of blah blah or whatever.

Maybe my shares are worth nothing - not that that matters because when I joined Nuffnang, I believed in the co-founder BossMing, his vision, and his moral ethics. Plus I've seen his giant house, his educational credentials and I thought very rich and well educated guy maybe business won't fail lah. Plus he paid me for my first blog post on Nuffnang (clearly stated it's an advertorial). That was my honest thoughts at age 22. He said he would give me some shares. I said ok lor. You give me I take. I had no idea what shares even mean. Till today, I haven't seen a single cent from those shares so they still mean nothing to me.



Nuffnang is but one subsidiary under the umbrella company Netccentric Pte Ltd

To put it very simply, when a client wants to engage a blogger for social media postings under Churp Churp or blog advertorials under Nuffnang, they go through the sales arm of Netccentric, called Nom Nom media.

So the money Nuffnang makes is under Nom Nom's financial records, not Nuffnang's.

Boss Ming has put up some of Nuffnang's financials on the Nuffnang Blog, PLEASE READ if you really want to know more about the financial health of Nuffnang.

According to Boss Ming's entry, 2014's financials are even better than 2013. The companies seem to be in the pink of health.

And most telling of all... Even if they are broke like Pussies suggested, they do not have a QUALIFIED OPINION WITH $233K UNACCOUNTED FOR.

In other words: With or without my exposé, Nuffnang seems to be thriving.

They didn't need me to do my Gushcloud exposé. I did it on my own accord because Vincent Ha challenged me to by calling me a liar. Is that so hard to believe?

At the end of the day, my exposé was never about Nuffnang VS Gushcloud. Nor Nuffnang bloggers vs Gushcloud bloggers. It was about unethical practices in the industry.

You may argue back and forth about whether my accusations about Gushcloud are true. They have clearly admitted to parts of it, albeit in their meandering, long-winded way. (Will I be posting a rebuttal to their responses? Maybe, but not yet.)

After my post, you will find that one thing is definite:


Just in case they get exposed too. Gushcloud themselves probably will never do that again.

That kind of increased honesty can only be good for my industry, and that's all I wanted. Fair play. And I believe I achieved it. I believe I did good. That was my end game.

So I don't understand why the Pussies are doing this to me. This isn't for the greater good. This is simply personal.

Ever since I blogged about my support for PAP in 2012, they have been attacking me non-stop, calling me all sorts of really nasty names, non-stop, for the past 3 years. They can insult me, fine. But their fans go on about my friends, my family... They even had to insult my newborn son when he was born. I will admit this. Many times, they nearly drove me to tears. Hard to imagine huh? I have feelings too. I felt so inadequate because I couldn't protect my loved ones from these evil people and I felt so sorry that they had to suffer and be insulted because of me.

If the Pussies truly claim to be "righteous as fuck" and to respect my freedom to voice my opinions, why keep attacking me since the last General Elections till now to punish me for daring to support the incumbent? And why not praise me for the good I did for the advertising industry? Surely that cannot be denied.

Maybe they claim it's because I am dishonest or maybe my plastic face just sets them off.

Now that my blog post has proven that all the claims they have on me are false to the point of laughable, are they going to apologize for sullying my character and maligning me?

Already so many people saw it. Are they going to take it down, or continue spreading false claims about me?

Actually, their post is so embarrassingly dumb that I now wonder if they will suddenly say "SURPRISE!! It was just trolling! Not a real exposé!"

But I'm not gonna believe that. It's way too long and too detailed to be trolling. They truly believed themselves to be vigilantes and master detectives.

I cannot believe I'm writing up this fucking long post to defend myself against all the lies and inaccurate assumptions they are making.

You can never win with Anonymous, so I don't usually fight with them. Maybe the Pussies will be even happy that they tricked me to respond. It doesn't matter if they claim they are trolling. Fact is, even if they were just trolling, many people believed all their lies and they have defamed me. I had to clear my name.

Plus, it was very shiok to expose how completely idiotic the Pussies are.

I am disappointed in you, Pussies. People used to support you because you dared to speak up against the government. You were the people's voices.

Now, you are just arrogant pricks using the support of dumb and frustrated Singaporeans to earn money.

In your attempt to get more fame and thus more money, you are willing to post lies, inaccurate statistics, rumours etc to hurt people.

You are obnoxious and unrepentant when wrong. You can say whatever you want, bully anyone you wish. You take relish in sadistically punishing those you feel deserve it, like Jover Chew, with no law or regulation to tell you that's enough. You have developed a God complex.

You have gone sick with power.

And all these is because you are hiding behind the mask of anonymity.

You can punch and punch and punch, but nobody can punch you back because you are a faceless virtual being.

You can insult my looks, photoshop my pictures, dig into my past and present. And I can't do anything except defend myself.

These are real humans you are attacking here. Fight a fucking fair and honourable fight, or don't fight at all.

I don't blame the Pussies. Power is intoxicating. I know that. The owners are probably nobodies in real life, and a hate page is all they have to validate themselves.

I blame the supporters, perpetrating a group of people that was once for the greater good, but has now turned depraved and cruel.

Alas, there will always be people supporting such.

"They were a motley collection; a mixture of the weak seeking protection, the ambitious seeking some shared glory, and the thuggish gravitating toward a leader who could show them more refined forms of cruelty." — Albus Dumbledore on the forerunners of the Death Eaters

Ok I take that back. Sorry Voldy I just insulted you. Based on the weak little exposé on me, I doubt the Pussies have his brilliant evil mastermind.


You didn't manage to prove anything because I didn't do all the things you claimed I did.

Please don't embarrass yourself so much with part 2 and triple check you have proof for everything. Just a friendly reminder. You don't have much credibility left.

p/s: Judging from the tone of the article, I find it hard to believe that the Pussies are not on Gushcloud's side.

Perhaps, this half assed troll post is a brilliant collaboration between them to distract from the topic of discussion here... My Gushcloud Exposé. Like this they super smart leh!! But that's ok, I suppose everyone is sick of that already.

p/p/s: We will see which are the biased news channels who posted up Pussies' exposé but not mine.

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